In 2004, Tom Lowry (at the time Mayor of Cashion) and Herb Sleeper (President of the Friberg-Cooper Water Board) approached William Norris II (a member and firefighter of Cameron Gardens Fire Department) to ask if he would be willing to establish a fire department in the Friberg-Cooper community. It was discussed if Cameron Gardens had considered putting a substation in the community, which nothing had become of the request due to lack of interest in volunteers in the Friberg-Cooper community.

William Norris II, along with Ed Alderfer, did some research with the State of Texas, Texas Forest Service and other departments on how to establish a volunteer fire department. This process spanned across about 2 years, during which time William resigned from Cameron Gardens Fire Department and joined Charlie Thornberry Fire Department to eliminate any conflicts of interest.

In 2006, William called a meeting of Friberg-Cooper community residents to discuss establishing a fire department. There was a great turnout at the meeting, and the community showed great support in establishing the department. That night a Board of Directors was voted in, which consisted of Tom Lowry, Joe Kauffman, Larry Smith, and Phil Messer. An executive board was also voted in: Phil Messer as President; Sharolyn Link as Vice President; Chip Hawkins as Secretary; Mary Lou Lucero as Treasurer. William Norris II was elected as Fire Chief. There were also other many members that volunteered to be firefighters and auxiliary members. This became the first of many meetings to get the fire department started, which started with creating a constitution and by-laws.

Paperwork was submitted to have the department chartered as Cashion Volunteer Fire Department, but the at time Mayor and City Council voted down the name due to liability issues. Friberg-Cooper Water Supply granted the fire department permission to use the use of Friberg-Cooper. Following decision of a name, the following several months was spent getting the charter, tax identification number, and 501-C3 nonprofit status.

The first year of operation for Friberg-Cooper Volunteer Fire Department was a difficult one for everyone...especially William Norris II, who was in charge of getting the new firefighters trained and ready for emergency calls.