You Make It Possible for Us to Serve

Make a local community donation to our team in Wichita County

When there's an emergency, you can count on Friberg-Cooper Volunteer Fire Department to help. We use local community donations to expertly protect everyone in our community.

You can enjoy the feeling of making a difference by supporting your local volunteer firefighters. Donations allow us to continue serving Wichita County by protecting members of the community and their property. It's easy to make a contribution. Donate online today.

Learn how we give back to the community

It's important to know that your local community donations are going towards a group who will use them to help make the community safe. Our team participates in events such as...

  • Hotter 'N Hell Hundred Bike Ride
  • THOR Mud Run
  • Wichita County Mounted Patrol Rodeo
  • Red River Riding Association Rodeo
  • Friendship Festival
  • Boomtown Shootout
  • Woodystock
  • Christmas Parades in Iowa Park and Burkburnett
  • Sheppard Air Force Base's Fire Prevention Parade
  • Fire Prevention Education at Cub Scouts, Thornberry Baptist Church & First Christian Methodist Church